Business Reports and Proposals

A common question in the business world is "What are business reports and proposals?" What many people want to know is how to write reports and proposals. Reports and proposals are a vital part of the business world.  A business report  can be defined as the end product of thorough investigation and analysis.  Reports present ordered information to decision makers in business, industry, government, and education.  Proposals on the other hand, usually come about as a result of business reports.  A proposal can be defined as written offers to solve problems, provide services, or sell equipment.  Although some proposals are internal, often taking the form of justification and recommendation reports, most proposals are external.  External proposals are an important means of generating income for many organizations.  Every business, no matter what industry, deals with reports and proposals at one time or another.  A well written report can clearly define a company’s recent accomplishments and/or downfalls.  From that report, problem areas in the company can be addressed and strengths of the company can continue to be enforced.  Without reports and proposals, company managers can be left in the dark when it comes to the progress of certain projects, employees, quarterly earnings, etc… and would not have suggestions as to how to remedy the problem.  This website will serve as an instructional tool on how to write business reports and proposals.